3rd May 2013

Got Gear to Carry? We've Got Hiking Bags!

Now that Spring has finally sprung it's time to gear up for some beautiful day hikes! Sunscreen...check, waterbottle...check, healthy snacks...check, lightweight rain jacket (just in case)...check. No …

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2nd May 2013

Mountain Biking Season

Mountain Biking season is HERE! As summer approaches and days get longer we have more time to ride. So jump on your bike and get going. Whether you're doing hills, dirt roads or trails, remember to Ri …

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1st May 2013

Appalachian Trail Blaze

"There's another...well, I think another," I say to myself as I look ahead. Oh yea, as I get closer I can see that it is a White Blaze. "Yes! I'm still on the Appalachian Trail. The last blaze marker …

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30th Apr 2013

Women's Appalachian Trail Sticker

Love the Outdoors, Love the Fresh Air and Love the Trail....the Appalachian Trail. Whether you're a thru-hiker or a section-hiker, you'll enjoy sporting this Hiker Chick Appalachian Trail sticker on y …

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23rd Apr 2013

Mountain Biking Tee Shirt

Spring is here...Yeah! As the gloomy days of late winter slowly disappear I get itchy to pull out my Mountain Bike. Every year I have grand plans of getting more miles in than last season. After 6 mon …

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