Mountain Biking Tee Shirt

23rd Apr 2013

Spring is here...Yeah! As the gloomy days of late winter slowly disappear I get itchy to pull out my Mountain Bike. Every year I have grand plans of getting more miles in than last season. After 6 months of being stored in my basement, my mountain bike has one flat tire and splashes of dried mud still stuck to the down tube. While I tune my bike up and oil the chain I remember the last rides of the previous season. Most were hard and painful as I tried to keep up with my biking buddies. Our Mountain Biking Tee posts the Message "Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts Forever." Truer words were never spoken! Back to cleaning this bike, gotta go ridin' (yea I know should have cleaned it months ago). A word of advice...don't wear your new Mountain Biking Tee while cleaning your bike. I just got mine dirty. This tee is best worn after the ride while kicking back a cold brew...