Appalachian Trail Blaze

1st May 2013

"There's another...well, I think another," I say to myself as I look ahead. Oh yea, as I get closer I can see that it is a White Blaze. "Yes! I'm still on the Appalachian Trail. The last blaze marker I saw was miles back, I must have missed a few while I was messing around with this pack strap adjustment. Boy if I've missed a turn I'd have to back track and with this heavy pack that's not as much fun, especially when my plan today is to reach a shelter 20 miles away."  Those are your thoughts while hiking the Appalachian Trail for any kind of distance. These thoughts were the inspration for our Appalachian Trail Blaze Tee. Next to the Blaze "The Trail is Calling" is printed in small print. That's how I feel any time I run across the AT. It calls out to me and I just want to throw the backpack on and hike it again. Until the next time I can walk on the trail...I'll wear this Appalachian Trail Blaze Tee as a fond reminder. Get out and Hike!